ATN-CA Winter Meeting 2000

It was a beautiful day for the meeting

Roland and Dave welcome guests

Mike puts finishing touches on the agenda

2.4GHz transmit on top - 1.2GHz receive below.

Broadcast compound.

Roland's mobile ATV station made getting on the air as simple as 1..2..3....


Broadcast compound is ready!

Monitors are fired up!

Audio check . . . "check"!

Camera 1 and Camera 2 are balanced.

Audio complete.

Close up on Roland's gear

Meeting begins!

Bob Partain - K6OHH on camera.

Receiving Santiago Peak on 1253.25 MHz!

Audio, Tx, downconverter, camera power supply, proc amp, and SWR meter.

VTR's to record the meeting and computer graphics.

434,00 MHz beam antenna as backup.

Showtime 4 channel switcher with keyer.

TD position.

Roland on Camera 1

"Hmmm . . . should I focus?"

"Yep, focus time!"

The lady on the left turned 100 2/21/2000 and she's a HAM too!

as Mike has the Mic.

Roland Hoffman - KC6JPG sets up the cameras to put the meeting on the network

Don Hill - KE6BXT gave a demo of the ATN website.

Mike introduces the speakers.

Ted Lewis - K6TED Oat Mountain Technician.

Mike updates Santiago Peak.

Brian Miles - WB7UBB AATS - Arizona Amateur Television Society.

"What is funny about this sync tip?"

"Or this funny looking sync tip?"

Bob Partain - K6OHH Oat Mountain Technician.

The audience listens . .

Gary Spronz - K6IOJ Blueridge repeater Trustee

Bill Smith - KB6MCU Mt. Palomar repeater Trustee.

Rod Fritz - WB9KMO give an update on the Santa Barbara repeater system.

Rod showing the ATN flyer.

A closer look at the ATV SIG flier.

Information overload about ATV.

Guasti tower (not Dave's back yard)

Brian "The Wavecom Man" Miles makes mods to Wavecoms.

Brian hard at work!

and a closer look inside.

Inside the Wavecom.

Close-up of the 100mw power amplifier chip after modification.

Location of the frequency chip.

Location of the 100mw power amplifier chip.

Close-up of the 100mw power amplifer chip after modification

Fishch's Mobile ATV!

Classic license plate!