(Silent key July 16, 2012)

ATV DX with Tropospheric Ducting:

From Hawaii to California

The world record long distance amateur television contact is 2518 miles from Hawaii to California.

This is of particular interest to me because on 10/18/2011 I was in Hawaii and met Paul Lieb (KH6HME) and visited his beacon site where he transmitted the ATV signal.

If you look at the picture where I am carving my callsign in the door at the beacon site you will see Gordon West's callsign (WB6NOA).

Here is a video of Gordon West explaining Tropospheric Ducting.

Don Hill (KE6BXT)

Beacon Building & Paul's Antennas

Beacon Site Door

WA6SVT is on the door

Paul (KH6HME) and Don (KE6BXT)

With QTVQ magazine

Paul (KH6HME) and Don (KE6BXT)

Inside the beacon/ATV building

KE6BXT is on the door

Carving my callsign below WB6NOA

Mike (WA6SVT) and Paul (KH6HME)