ATN Mobile

Our ATN Truck

Roland - KC6JPG and Mike - WA6SVT ready to tackle the restoration.

Roland installs the audio amplifer / monitoring system.

Pulling out the old cabling

Finishing up the audio install.

Video equipment installed and fired up.

Mike approves!

We are ready for the SBMS Meeting!

Equipment ready for the first shoot in Corona!

Mast UP . . .

"Hey Mike! Look! It's ALIVE!!!

ATN Mobile Unit at the SBMS Meeting in Corona!

Roland gives 2 thumbs up!

Gary - W6KVC manning the control booth.

Gary can operate TD, audio, and master control from the video booth!

. . . and UP . . .

All warning systems are activated, indicating the mast is deployed.

. . . and positioned towards Santiago Peak!

Gary custom built the booth to accommodate the A/V equipment for the truck! AWESOME job Gary!

We are "On the Air to EVERYWHERE!"

"Ready Camera 1 - Take 1!"