Amateru Radio Emergency Network (AREDN)

In the July 2013 issue of QST magazine there was an article entitled "Putting High Speed Multimedia to Work in Texas". The article described a "new" way that HAMS could send live video over Amateur Radio frequencies, Using the Lynksys WRT54G routers and open source Broadband-Hamnet firmware HAMs were able to send IP video from one mesh node to another mesh node where the video was monitored on a computer and displayed on a screen using a projector and screen. They were even able to relay the signal through another node (like a repeater) in order to get around line of sight limitations between the camera node and the display node.

For anyone that has experience deploying and setting up a traditional Amateur Television stations and ATV repeater, being able to cheaply set up a remote video/audio transmitter and receiver using this technology is highly desirable.

This technology was later ported onto Ubiquiti, TP-Link, Mikrotik, and GL.iNet hardware and the task of developing the firmware was taken over by a group of developers that became known as the AREDN development team and the AREDN Project.

For additional information, please visit the AREDN website at: