ATN-CA Winter Meeting 1999

Mike WA6SVT shows up early and examines the inner workings of a modified wavecomm transmitter made by our visiting guests --Arizona Amateurs on TV.

Dave KA6DPS helps out with the link setup by assembling a conifer 2 Ghz antenna used to broadcast the meeting to our Santiago mountain repeater.

he conifer mounted atop an 8 foot tripod, just above a 1.2 GHz loop yagi receive antenna. The mobile studio van is in the background.

Looking inside the rear of the Mobile studio van.

Inside the amazing mobile studio van.

This elegant sign greeted our members as they filed into the meeting room.

A tough looking crowd faces the first speaker. Hope there's no mike fright today!

Mike WA6SVT takes the mike.

Mike WA6SVT explains how to do your taxes in 5 easy steps. Not really! He is explaining the linking of the entire ATN network.

Don KE6BXT webmaster for the ATN shows a hardcopy of the ATN home webpage. Don is responsible for completely rewriting the ATN webpage.

Mike WA6SVT kindly hosts a tune up clinic after the meeting.

Mike makes a rapid adjustment at the tune up clinic.

Moody WQ6I attends the clinic.

Another happy customer after the tune up clinic.

Front of the really neat T-shirts from the AATV crew!

Back of the really neat T-shirts from the AATV crew!