Boulder Repeater


Call Sign: W0BTV

Trustee: Jim Andrews, KH6HTV, (note: for personal correspondence use

Phone: (303) 594-2547

Asst. Trustee: Don Nelson, N0YE,

BATVC Web Site: — full repeater details in AN-51b & AN-53b (sent in separate emails)

Our ATV repeater is located on a mesa on the south-west side of the city of Boulder, Colorado.

Our primary service area is to the eastern, prarie 1/2 of Boulder County, plus neighboring counties to the North, East and

South. No coverage into the mountains in the western 1/2 of the county. See attached coverage map.

The repeater’s primary output is: 70cm, 423MHz with DVB-T modulation, 6 MHz bandwidth, QPSK, 1080P resolution.

We also have a 5cm beacon transmitter which runs 24/7. 5.905 GHz, FM-TV, NTSC 480i resolution.

Note: We can also upon request switch the primary 70cm repeater to analog mode. 421.25MHz, vestical upper sideband.

However, it is very rare that it is ever used in analog mode.

We have inputs on both 23cm and 70cm bands:

23cm input is : 1243MHz, DVB-T, 6 MHz bandwidth.

70cm DATV input is: 441MHz, DVB-T, 6 MHz bandwidth.

70cm ATV input is: 439.25MHz, Vestigal Upper Sideband, NTSC.

note: The 23cm input and 70cm output frequencies are co-ordinated with the Colorado frequency coordination group, CCARC.

Control of the repeater is via a separate radio link using DTMF tones. The control codes and frequency are only given out to

members. The repeater will only key up if a valid TV signal is present. The repeater will automatically select the appropriate

receiver based upon a priority ranking. 1st = 23cm DVB-T, 2nd = 70cm DVB-T, 3rd = 70cm ATV

I am not listing the exact latitude/longitude coordinates as our site host has asked that they not be IDed.

73 de Jim Andrews, KH6HTV, W0BTV Trustee

Full repeater details in AN-51b & AN-53b

AN-51b W0BTV.pdf
AN-53b W0BTV tech.pdf